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May 3, 2009



Feature: Watchers (April)

Journal Entry: Sun May 3, 2009, 7:38 AM
May 3th / 2009
Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support :aww: :heart:

Feature: Watchers (April)
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April, 1st
Mixed Tape by BeautifulLie18

April, 2nd
:iconarashi126: No original by parawachear :thumb106238346: Spring by NanaPHOTOGRAPHY :iconcerghedean: Renji by Chizuru-chibi

April, 3rd
Leafy :D by Camera-chan-desu Taronga Series -Giraffe Kisses by Sami-Lee _Same view_ by MiayahMilles Geisha Note Card Set "Nori" by ultcyn

April, 4th
:thumb118857205: :thumb83603749:

April, 5th
Arabesque by MistressOfNocturne 5,000 Deviations by i-watch-people the outside. by gloeckchen Ruelle HDR by Art-Is-Alive

April, 6th
:thumb118730250: :thumb118368423: Meet Me Where I Live by moleyshmoley Chibi Osiris by BadKiss Cold Morning by Healzo Girls_Rock_Too by Creative-Palace Black and coloured by iDanceHard :thumb118991823:

April, 7th
Tree A Bloomin' Again by sevymama Crocus by saladbar1 :thumb113161875: Easter Bunny by druideye :iconninomiya-kun: Gypsy for Silver Rey by darquepinkpaper My Fair Lady by OLOluvzZutara Smile by TacoMan12 :thumb118755014: :thumb118987583: :iconithinkiwasthere: GK: Cra-bat by GrayKitty auris felis by OnurY Morena. by AnomisPumpkin Green, take one. by Three-Cheese Modeling Dead Sea 4 by eyadness the lighting boy by frizareihan :thumb118887201: Forest like it should be by Matsu303 :thumb110201583:

April, 8th
:thumb94147798: Bunny by pixi3angeldreamx :thumb118639175: :thumb117601625: Spread Your Wings by ProjecTSymbiosiS10 :thumb118885507: RENDER ATTACK by SquadGazZz

April, 9th
o_O by crazy-bubble Lucky - I smell Heaven by sofi207

April, 10th

April, 11th
:thumb119300271: :thumb117380869: Colourful by jojobatanesi

April, 12th
Yuu - Matenrou Opera by Rin8 spring9 by dezax H o p e . by awfultosee CITY CENTRE by mariyanamarinova :thumb101998306: sprint by Hidden-target - Only For You - by JNoOoN

April, 13th

April, 14th
R T A by 3yo0on-alReem Shallow Water by OrangeBoyDesign

April, 16th

April, 17th
:thumb119580603: :thumb119679644:

April, 18th
:thumb119096523: :thumb119900563: :thumb119860692: Moor Lane Pano by MatthewPaver Look at That Sky by nightshade44637 Birth of a Star by Alis86 Feed Me Sunshine 2 by moonwalker129 :thumb63345631:

April, 19th
Happy upon the heath by Eugenia-Grotz Gandalph by andL0VE :thumb118808315: :iconsuper-senses: :thumb119963608: I Dont Dot My I's With HeartsLoving you is like trying to accept the taste of aftershave in your mouth when you accidentally take a swig of it instead of the hidden vodka.
You manage to choke back the tears as it slides down your throat, fingers groping the sink while you debate to dial 911 or take a few more sips. The vine-like liquid has only begun to initiate contact with the part of your brain that says itmightbetoolate. Your eyes stagger to the bottle you had wanted to drain a moment ago--it was empty anyways. Fuck.
Fear gets the better of you as your newborn legs manage to ground themselves in front of your cellphone and your fingers dance across the keypad. Your lips press against the granular holes, hoping that somehow that will bring you closer to the operator on the other end. Your fingers are busily tapping out "h-e-l-p", on the night stand in front of you, in a Morse code that is unstandardized.
Your voice sounds like you should be dead, but you find your lungs filling with unexplainable
Bolt by CapObvious94 di Pagi itu by fcreat batch 2 - large textures by cubuddle Laying Low by frostbite635 :thumb119969982: Natural by Blindpoint Green tube by black-ladybird A beauty by sommerbietjielaf You're the colour in the sky by AHurtSoul Touch by Zorg-One-One w h i t e . by SawsaN-0

April, 20th
Forsaken Trio Comic pg 02 by Arwydd Geometry by viatrierci :iconhellraiser6690:

April, 21st
Dying dragon by FriFraRu Sarah Flory by MollyLynnn Vampire 24 by XRYSA Hair by Rachael-Lucy Swish by choose2bgr8 Being Loved by Lelanie Daylight_Flower by darkphoenixace

April, 22nd
:iconthegoodson88: Louvre Interior. by DavidBirch1987

April, 24th
Nasser Mosque by maloush7al .:Memorial II:. by ADropOfLife Tree perspective 5 by blockhead78

April, 25th
school trip 18 by leonii5

April, 26th
Fly macro by Gooiool Jumping "The jump" 2 by Cleo101 :thumb120914458: :thumb119654975:

April, 27th
F001 by rustynailphoto Arquitectonic 1 by pisistromitoallstar what if...? by Allyanora Forget me by JaimeeTrash

April, 28th
Scarf by peppo88 :iconcaohungvn:

April, 29th
Chewed Up Cactus by BeautifulDragon322 :iconpopapo: loveIts a throbing urge for something more than chocolate,
heartfelt more than mike jackson's music,
a swit pain,
a desirable loss of heart,
an individual union,
companion with all certainity without proof,
being in over your head but having an assured back-up,
shooting stars in th horizon,
near drowning in a river when all intended was to flaunt your cookery,
dreaming all night of th last meeting,
fantasizing all day of the next,
indigestion while drinking soup in company,
insisting on the never ending back pains while screaming for a massage, understanding by sight,
seing what is to be heard,
smelling that to be touched,
sensing that which should be said,
holding a conversation comprising nodding heads n shut lips,
wide open eyes when not staring,
crying after an episode of th couple,
breakdancing when in contact, saying 'I missed u' when aware its an understatement,
being there when a thousand miles away,
working extra hours to pay the painful phone bill,
being dumbfounded after the wor
in your hands by ThErEaLDoLLyFrikka

April, 30th

Self Promotion
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crystal.2 by simoendli sakura. by simoendli

:iconunframed-nature: :iconmacro-club: :iconjustportraits: :iconzoo-photographers: :iconnatures-beauty-club: :iconflower-lovers: :iconbeautyclub: :icontasteofliquid: :iconsixbysix: :iconibokeh:

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IrrevocableFate Featured By Owner May 3, 2009   Writer
:heart: Aw! Thank you for featuring me too. ♥
simoendli Featured By Owner May 4, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome :aww:
IrrevocableFate Featured By Owner May 4, 2009   Writer
Gooiool Featured By Owner May 3, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Greta set of photographs ,,
simoendli Featured By Owner May 4, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
magnesina Featured By Owner May 3, 2009  Professional Photographer
oh my god, You have so many watchers day by day! :aww: You really deserve them and more :heart:
simoendli Featured By Owner May 4, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Aww thanks :heart:
Yeah I have a lot watchers now, over 1300! :faint:
magnesina Featured By Owner May 4, 2009  Professional Photographer
omg! such a great numer! you're a dA celebrity :D
simoendli Featured By Owner May 6, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
No no, I'm not a celebrity at all! :D But it's true, I'm a bit fame I think :giggle:
Rin8 Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
Thanks for the feature! :3 :rose:
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